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Anthony with Twin Flame Synchronicity is a powerful yet gentle facilitator of ascension, spiritual leader, divine channel for healing. His life purpose came to light after having a near death experience. An experience of heaven on earth and oneness with God that Anthony holds sacred within his heart. 

Anthony embodies wisdom that refines & defines our understanding of life, creates intimacy with God/Ourselves and offers the keys of heaven bestowed unto him.

Anthony's passion in life is to help others communicate intimately with God/Universe and to follow the one true teacher within their hearts. His mission is to create leaders, not followers, offer pathways to freedom and awaken peace within all.  


What To Expect When Working With Anthony


Anthony’s is a soul electrician, he clears blockages, wires or rewires and lights up dormant pathways between the physical body and spiritual soul self. His work accelerates healing, activates the soul and aligns the physical body for merger with light. Anthony's work grounds the higher self into physical existence, ignites heart centered living and the return to love with the divine.

The pathway to divine love and unity of consciousness for each of us vibrates at a unique energetic frequency. Every loving choice we make brings our consciousness into union with the creator healing mind, body & soul. Love is the unseen, the space between all things, the glue which holds everything together. Love is the bridge to remembering our created state and brings us to home to experience Heaven on Earth.

Expect Miracles!!!  


Here's What a Few Clients Had To Say About Working With Anthony.

I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but Anthony quickly put me at ease and made the conversation very comfortable. I was shocked by how intuitive he was and he called me out on things I didn't even know I was hiding from myself. In our one hour session, he raised my awareness to a level I didn't even know was possible. I watch my actions now as well as my thoughts. Your mind can sometimes play tricks on you in an effort to keep you from leaving your comfort zone, but I've learned that your actions will always tell the truth. Thanks to Anthony's kind and gentle demeanor, today I have more faith in myself which has led to so much more success than I could have ever imagined achieving on my own. 

~Jeanene Bono 


"I hope this comes out right, lol. Anthony looks like a regular guy, not some intimidating Enlightened being. It creates a more relaxed environment. I have never experienced an exchange of energy like that. It was incredibly amazing! I left with a feeling of excitement and happiness! Thank You Anthony! You are truly a gift!" Namaste

~ Corie Dempsey

My healing session with Anthony was amazing, he is very loving and cares deeply to hear what is going on with you. Anthony is able to very accurately detect what is happening within the body and heals the issues. During my session I could feel as each layer was peeled away, my heart would effortlessly expand. I also noticed that with every layer dissolved, I felt much lighter and the world became brighter. Anthony brought me into a deep level of peace, aligned all my chakras, healed a  lot and I feel great! Thank you so much brother Anthony, you're gift is truly amazing!

~ Crystal Rose

Anthony is a powerful and gentle facilitator of your souls' due healing. If  you're a highly sensitive person or experience fear when searching for an appropriate healer you can feel rest assured that you're in the safest most gentle hands with Anthony. He is powerfully intuitive and holds the most patient and non judgmental space for you to come your own realizations, subtly showing you ways to walk your own way home to your truest version of yourself. His own life experiences allow him to show you the illusions stopping you from being you. I felt so trusting of the process and allowed him to help me integrate. Anthony works with your strengths, not your weaknesses. One of the many outcomes of our sessions was that in clearing fear around ascension, I am able to let healing course through  my body rather than illness, integrating and moving me forward in a beautiful way. I appreciate coming across Anthony from the wholeness of my heart and I'm positive you will too ;)
~ Becca  


Anthony is Love Incarnate. Hands down, Anthony is the greatest healer  and perhaps one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever had the exquisite  pleasure of encountering. Consider Anthony the Valiant Voyager you forgot you were. The God of Small Things. The overdue reminder that wherever you go, there you are. The calming prolonged exhale that sighs, “In stillness, I find my strength. I am that I am. Love is love is  love.” If you feel like a ship without a star in the night, let  conscious breathing be your anchor. And then, I implore you, invite Anthony into your world. Such an invitation, which would be lovingly and  non-judgmentally accepted, will immediately stabilize your spinning  world. Let Anthony serve as your pseudo-True North while you work to  re-locate your own internal compass, your connection with yourself. His stoic hugs imprint and impart vital understanding and clarity. His words  fall upon hearts with such powerful precision that they are sure to  raise anyone from any depth. And never have a pair of eyes been able to  look so lovingly into the eyes of another. Anthony has shown me, through  word, thought, and deed that what belongs to me shall come to me for it  is already mine. You will have it when you need it, his sacred smile sings. Anthony is the dove’s cry, the necessary jab, jab, uppercut, the sing-song nursery rhyme. Anthony is the laugh that makes you cry because it was oh so overdue and oh so necessary. As Mark Twain once imparted, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” And indeed,  Anthony works to break barriers, bust myths and illusions, and  emancipate us all from the false prisons of our own constructed fables,  self-delusions, and self-images. Anthony is the Beautiful, the Good, and  the True. He is actualized self-awareness, achieved through mastery of care, curiosity, understanding, and genuine observation of motivations, purposes, needs, wants, fears, desires, and actions. The most surefire safeguard to Heaven on Earth is cowardice, he implores. So why must we continue to live in Fear? I implore you, if your heart is aching for change, if you feel buried alive in lack and limitation, choose to be  born again. Hit up Anthony! Narrative-weaving mastermind Arundhati Roy once wrote: “The only dream worth having is to dream that you will live  while you are alive, and die only when you are dead. To love, to be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and vulgar disparity of the life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect  strength, never power. Above all to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget.” Anthony is a miracle for thousands of reasons but namely because he can bring Roy's words to life  for anyone. I've felt it. I've seen it. I've lived it. Every decision I  make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all  regrets, grievances, and resentments, and choose the miracle. Anthony  has been one of my miracles. I invite you to let him be one of yours. Thank you, Anthony, for your eternal love. My immense love and  gratitude. 

~Jillian Melissa

I just wanted to thank Anthony for reaching out to me yesterday when I was going through my upheaval. I spent most of the day processing things, mirroring, going in and out of anxiety attacks, more mirroring... I honestly felt like I was grieving. I would be good for a while and then another wave would hit me. I could post about it all night, but I honestly felt like I needed someone to talk to and Anthony seemed to sense that. I woke up this morning feeling okay but then the anxiety came back. Anthony called me around 11 this morning and we talked it out. We didn't just talk about the events on Wednesday, but other blocks I have to my union. At the end of it all, I felt so much better and saw things so much clearer and felt that when the time came for me and my twin to talk about it, I would be ready. I just want to go back to being best friends and just enjoying each other's company with no expectations or this feeling I need to rush into union. Union will come when God knows we are ready... he is helping by showing us what we need to do. I want it to unfold naturally and not try and control it like it needs to happen now! Thank you so much Anthony for spending time with me today and helping me get through this and make peace with it and see that this experience was actually a very positive one and one I needed to go through. I would also like to add that after my session with Anthony was over, my twin texted me. 

~ Aazhen Moggy   

I got to talk to Anthony Yannotta and boy - what a warm, compassionate, and loving man he is. Like a big Teddy Bear wrapping you up in that long needed hug of love. Plus of course, great insights!! I listened to our conversation which I taped about 20 times over night. THANKS SO MUCH! 

~ Vin Sprit

Anthony is the Upheaval Master. When you are in Upheaval go talk to him, his sessions are well worth it. 

~Fabian DeAngelo 

Anthony Yannotta has helped me when I was going thru a major upheaval he is an amazing person god bless him!  

~ LeDia Balla  

Anthony it was really great to talk with you! You helped me a lot in many areas and it was beautiful to share with you the moment when I received a message from my Twin Flame during the session. Thank you!  I look forward to seeing your next video where your eyes smile from your heart, I noticed during our conversation they changed, you have beautiful eyes! I recommend this man, if you want to have guidance in your life!

~ Marianne Setervang   


"Anthony is great!! It's one of the best experiences you will ever have. I highly recommend it."

~ John

"Anthony is the Upheaval Master. When you are in Upheaval go talk to him, his sessions are well worth it." 

~Fabian DeAngelo 

"Anthony Yannotta has helped me when I was going thru a major upheaval he is an amazing person god bless him!"

~ LeDia Balla  

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